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Getting that perfect job is not an easy task.  Here is a list of tools that will help you with your application, resume, and interview skills.  I also included a list of places to search for jobs locally and nationally.

Application and Resumes
Interview Skills
Job Searches

1. Dress for Success - Make sure you are dresses appropriately for your job and interview.


2.  Prepare some questions to ask the person interviewing you.


3.  Practice interviewing before you go


4.  Research the company you are interviewing with.  This will help you be better prepared for any questions that come up.


5.  Use propper grammar.  Don't say "ain't or nah".  Sound intelligent and make a good impression.


For additional tips visit About Careers:


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Lubbock Help Wanted .Com: 




Texas Tech Careers:  





Career Builder:  


Simply Hired:  





(Marcel, R., 2012)

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